Spring Assisted, Self Leveling, Packing Table

Turntable. Springs to 2200 lbs or 4400 lbs. Fork sleeves.

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As you load, the table goes down to keep the top layer at a comfortable working height. Unload - and the opposite occurs.

The inbuilt manual turntable means you don’t have to walk around the pallet - saving time and effort.

ROTO-LIFT comes in two capacities, 2200 lbs (977 Kgs) and 4400 lbs (1955 Kgs).

Lowest height is 14” (360mm). Maximum height is 32.6” (830mm). Add height of pallet also.

It comes complete with a full complement of springs to achieve maximum capacity. Simply remove any springs you don’t need (but save them in case your load weight changes in the future). Every spring is the same. No colour coding. Never have the wrong springs. Springs are zinc plated for long life.

A winding tool (supplied) simply draws the scissor legs closer, in order for the springs to be changed - in just a couple of minutes (using a powered drill and socket takes just 30 seconds).


Max load

Top type

Finish type



2200 lbs


All Zinc plated



4400 lbs


All Zinc plated


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RL-TZ-RFS. Rotation Friction Stop. Halts rotation at any position. Add $300.00

RL-TZ-RDM. Rubber Deck Mat. Helps prevent slipping. Add $150.00

RL-TZ-SST. Stainless Steel Turntable. Add $500.00


  • Spring changes take less than 2 minutes, and Roto-Lift comes with all springs - not an extra charge!
  • There are no protrusions past the diameter of the turntable, so there is nowhere an operator can snag clothing, and 360 degree unimpeded access to any part of the pallet.
  • It is all zinc plated, so it can be washed down (great for food, pharmaceutical and chemical companies).
  • The turntable is a complete zinc plated steel cover, with downturned edges. It allows liquids and rubbish to flow over and away from the internal workings. The turntable is also supported by twice as many precision bearings as a regular product, so the load is more evenly spread over the deck. There is no way limbs can be caught in the rotating mechanism - like some others. No need to buy limb protection infill covers - as with some others.
  • A dampener prevents the table from oscillating and reacting violently if a load is dropped on to the deck or removed quickly. A pull pin releases the base immediately (for spring changes).
  • The standard base allows for fork tine entry from either end, and either narrow or standard hand pallet truck access from either side, so it is easily re-located.
  • No maintenance required. No electric or hydraulic cables to trip over, shock or leak.


ROTO-LIFT is 43" (1100mm) in diameter. Collapsed unit height is 14" (360mm).

Weight 360 lbs (160 Kgs)

(Add pallet and packing if more than one unit shipped).





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